May 18th, 2009 by owenam

Hello again.

A handful of weeks ago Dreamhost, my hosting provider, detected someone trying to exploit some known vulnerabilities in the out-of-date copy of WordPress that powered Helpfully, they disabled the site and notified me. Unhelpfully, I didn’t do anything about it till now.

But look! I’ve now upgraded to the latest, indestructible version of WordPress! Helpfully, WP 2.7.1 happily sucked in and upgraded my old database so all the posts, comments, etc. are still here. Unhelpfully, it didn’t know what to make of all the little custom stuff I’d fiddled around with — i.e. the site theme and photo pages. Also, and inevitably, some part of the import/export/upgrade process screwed up all my pretty quotation marks. I’ll see what I can do about that bit. For the others, please enjoy, for the time being, the default WP theme and my flickr page.